Most frequent questions and answers

Please follow these simple rules to maintain the beauty of your fashion jewellery

If you continuously wear your jewellery take it off and wipe it with a soft cloth at least weekly

Always spray or apply your perfume before you wear your jewellery and best to wait a few minutes before wearing your jewellery

Always keep your jewellery in the box or pouches and keep it in a dry place

If you go out and you go dancing or perspire, wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth to take off the perspiration before you store your jewellery

DO NOT store your jewellery in your bathroom or other constantly moist or wet places

DO NOT wash your hands, take a shower or go swimming with your jewellery

DO NOT expose your jewellery or leave it near excessive heat

Only use a soft cloth to clean your jewellery
If you wear your jewellery daily then wipe it clean with a soft cloth weekly

DO NOT use any alcohol, ammonia, vinegar, soap, or cleaning fluids like Windex to clean your jewelry those substances will tarnish and affect the appearance of the jewellery